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This Jewelry Brand Leveraged The Power Of Online During COVID-19 To Scale And Survive

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic adversely affected most businesses. The situation sure has rocked the world, every industry has been hit hard, but even in the midst of the challenges, some brands are thriving due to fast thinking and embracing the alternative tools available to them. The jewelry industry was one of the worst affected, as people’s purchasing power had either reduced or was focused on essentials, reducing their trips to jewelers.

ENGELSINN, a Germany-based online jewelry store, witnessed tremendous revenue growth during the pandemic. The brand has several factors that worked in its favor to make it the go-to jewelry brand for people all over the world.

Having their operations entirely online

This was seen as a risky move when ENGELSINN was founded a year ago since most people often went to physical jewelry stores to shop. However, having online operations was convenient to reach a global audience. This became especially useful during the pandemic when brick-and-mortar stores were closed. Anyone who wanted to purchase jewelry knew that they could quickly get it online from ENGELSINN. This was a turning point in the brand’s operations, as thousands of new online customers led to increased sales.

Doing online consultations

Since they knew that people couldn’t visit physical stores for consultations on jewelry, ENGELSINN decided to offer online consultations on their website and social media platforms. Interested clients could interact with the brand’s experts before buying jewelry, and existing clients got consultations to have their questions on jewelry answered. This helped market the brand and brought in more clients.

Earnest online marketing

Having the right products will not necessarily translate to sales if you don’t market them well. ENGELSINN realized this early on and have had very creative campaigns to sell their products online. From working with influencers to hosting giveaways, ENGELSINN marketed their products to get more followers, who, in turn, became their new clients.

Embracing digitization

The digital space is not kind to people and businesses with half-baked plans. Many businesses missed their timing when the pandemic struck as they weren’t quite ready to embrace digitization. ENGELSINN was able to not only stay afloat but thrive during the COVID-19 global pandemic due to quickly adopting and adapting to how things work in the digital space. The digital world is an ever-changing space, and ENGELSINN has successfully managed to keep in stride with the changes as they occur.

Crafting a broader strategy

Great products and an online presence are half the journey; then there’s marketing, which ENGELSINN has mastered since its inception. However, another important part is strategy. Even with the best marketing tactics and products, it would be difficult to remain or keep their success streak running without a transformational strategy that sets the brand apart. ENGELSINN has developed a plan that encompasses customer experience, great products, marketing and consultation services, all done online.


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